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Cybersecurity & Business Development Specialist

Ravi Das

Hi there, and welcome to my personal website!

I am actually from West Lafayette, IN.  So yes, I am a Boilermaker, and yes, while growing up, they had the worst football ever.  I remember the saddest day ever, when Notre Dame totally demolished Purdue in a shutout victory of 60-0.  But, their basketball was the best ever, when it was coached by Gene Keady.  I really loved watching the close games, especially the one I remember with the University of Michigan.

My parents were also faculty at Purdue.  My dad was a Professor of Biology, and he was primarily involved in Spinal Cord Regeneration research.  He passed away of a completely unexpected heart attack, but from what I understand, he was on the verge of some sort of breakthrough.  Apparently, he discovered some sort of amniotic fluid that could possible help regenerate an injured spinal cord.

I got my undergrad from Purdue and my Master of Science in Agribusiness Economics from Southern Illinois University.  My thesis was in international trade, where I examined the effects of exchange rate risk on soybean trade flows between the United States, Germany, and Japan.  This involved a ton of heavy duty statistics and was probably one of the hardest things I ever got through.

I also got my MBA in Management Information Systems from Bowling Green State University, in Management Information Systems.  This is where I got started on my kick in the technology field.

I do have a lot of passions and interests, which will eventually be posted on this site.  Right now one of my most favorite hobbies is to walk on the trails of the Prairie Path near Wheaton, IL.  It is so beautiful out there, and I have come across so many kinds of animals out there . . . I have been chased by a deer twice, got almost bitten by a snake, and even met a turtle who I swear looked like he was about 200 years old.


I’m Ravi

Currently, I am a Business Development Specialist for AST Cybersecurity Group, Inc., a leading security consulting firm in the Greater Chicago area and Technosoft Cyber, a new startup devoted to offering Cyber related services to the Small and Medium sized Business (SMB) market. Truth be told, I actually own both companies – I just don’t like calling myself the CEO.  You can see the website of AST Cybersecurity by clicking here, and the website for Technosoft Cyber by clicking here 

I have also launched a Cyber research project, which involves creating an effective communications model from the vendor down to the end user (which includes employees, third party suppliers, and internal/external stakeholders.  Click HERE!

You can always Email me at ravi@ravidas.tech, or just call me at 630-802-8605.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.”

~Stephanie Nappo